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Hi Everyone,

The MLB Survivor Pool is now ready for signup.  The pool will be run on the
website officefootballpool.com.  To sign up, use the following link.
Please remember your username and password when signing up.  You will be
able to add as many entries as you would like on your account.  Please
forward this email to friends if they would like to join.

I'm not sure why, but the MLB Pool picks summary does not show the total
number of entries in the pool (as the NCAA Pool does).  It only shows those
entries that have put their picks in for the first week.  Currently there
are about 200 entries and I am hoping we will reach 500.


See below, or on the website for the rules.  You will choose 1 team per
week and that team must win at least 50% of their games that week.  You can
not pick the same team twice.  *This pool is DOUBLE Elimination, meaning
you are knocked out after TWO losses, not one.*  Each week runs from Monday
through Sunday.  There are 25 weeks.  The pool will begin on Monday, April
2nd.  The early games played prior to Monday, April 2nd and the three games
after the allstar break *will not* be included in the pool.

Send the entry fees with a sheet of paper that contains the following info:
1) Name
2) Phone Number
3) Email address
4) Entry name(s)

Please write legibly on letter size paper.

The pool is CASH ONLY.  Entry fee is $100 per entry.  If you sign up and do
not send your entry fees, your entries will be changed to inactive before
the pool starts.  Deadline for entry fees is Sunday, April 1st.

*NO USPS MAIL. * You can use USPS Priority mail or one of the other express
services (FedEx, UPS, etc).  Make sure you keep your tracking number until
your package has been delivered.  Signature required is OK, and you can use
your own phone number on the form.

Send to:
Scott Shield
471 N Broadway #406
Jericho, NY 11753


This is only for those folks who are going to drop off in person.

Please have your entry fees and signup sheet in an envelope prior to
stopping by.  I will wear a dark blue News 12 baseball hat at the meet ups
so you'll know what to look for if you've never met me.

The signup sheet should contain the following information:
1) Name
2) Phone Number
3) Email address
4) Entry name(s)

Please write legibly on letter size paper.

The pool is CASH ONLY.  Entry fee is $100 per entry.

*Brookfield Place* = Across from the World Trade Center in the atrium at
the top of the escalators leading up from the Path trains

*Midtown* = Outside 135 W 50th St (between 6th & 7th).

*Tempest Bar* = The Tempest Bar located on 8th Ave between 30th & 31st
Streets next to Penn Station

I can also meet in the Jericho area at certain times. E-Mail me (
scottshield13 at gmail.com) to schedule

*Wednesday, March 21  1:00 - 1:30 PM Brookfield Place*

*Thursday, March 22  12:00-12:30 PM Midtown*
*Thursday, March 22  5:00-6:00 PM Tempest Bar *

*Tuesday, March 27  12:00-12:30 PM Brookfield Place*
*Wednesday, March 28  12:00-12:30 PM Midtown *

*Wednesday, March 28  5:00-6:00 PM Tempest Bar*
***Please note that Wednesday, March 28 will be my last day in Manhattan
before the pool starts.

You pick one major league baseball team per week and they need to win at
least half of their games for you to advance to the next week.  If they win
less than 1/2 their games (less than 50%) then you are eliminated.

Note:  This pool is Double Elimination, meaning you lose after TWO losses,
not one.

For the purposes of this pool, a week starts on Monday 8:00 AM Eastern and
ends the following Monday at the same time.

The winner is the person who advances to the latest week.  If 2 or more
people are eliminated in the same week, it's a tie, regardless of the day
or time they are eliminated.

You may only pick a team once for the duration of the pool.  For example,
if you pick the Rockies in week 1, you can never pick them again.

The pick deadline for this pool is Mondays at 10 PM.  However, once a game
starts, picks for the teams involved in that game are locked and can't be
changed or entered.  You can only enter or change picks for teams that
haven't started playing that week.

The website does not have an Autopick feature for Baseball Survivor.

If a game is rained out or suspended, the results of that game are not
counted until the game is completed.  If your picked team plays fewer games
than expected, they still must win 1/2 of their games that week.  So if
they only play 4 games, they need to win 2.  If they play 5 games, they
need to win 3.

Each person will be responsible for entering their own picks on the
website.  To enter picks, you need to sign into the website with your own
personal screen name and password and go to My Picks for the picksheet.

It is your responsibility to confirm that your own picks are accepted by
the website.  You should see the Congratulations Screen after submitting
your picks and you should receive a pick confirmation email.  If you are
still unsure if your picks were accepted, you should return to the
picksheet, not by using your browser's back button, but by clicking on the
My Picks link.  If your picks were accepted they will be prefilled on the

If there is ever a discrepancy between what the website shows and what the
player says he/she entered, the website will be considered correct.  If
there is ever a discrepancy between what the website shows and a pick
confirmation email, the website will be considered correct.

scottshield13 at gmail.com
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