[Shield Suicide Pool] March Madness Survivor Pool - The Blizzard, Team Selections, Size of the Pool

Scott Shield scottshield13 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 15:20:16 EDT 2017

Hey Everyone,

I just want to update you on a couple of items:

First, many of you have been asking how big the pool will be.  It's always
hard for me to tell because I never know how many entries will actually be
paid for and as many of you know, there is always a huge rush at the

I can tell you right now that there are around 900 entries set up so far.
And more are being set up all the time.  So I expect a lot of entry fees to
arrive in the next few days and in the Wednesday meetups.

Which brings me to: The Blizzard.  I can't predict how the blizzard will
impact mail and express services, and I am hoping (really hoping!) that it
won't impact the Wednesday meetups.  The way it looks now, things should go
back to normal by Wednesday.

But I expect that all the deliveries from Tuesday will show up on
Wednesday, which means I will be loaded with entries to process on
Wednesday.  However, I will be in the city until late on Wednesday, so I
won't be processing your mail until very late on Wednesday.  This should be
no problem since the games don't start until Thursday.  Please don't ask me
if I received your entry fees on Wednesday (I won't know, I won't be
home).  If you don't hear from me by Thursday morning, then you should be
e-mailing me.

Finally, for those of you who have been activated, the selection form for
Thursday is now available in the app.  Click one of the "?" icons and you
will be taken there.  It is very cool and I think you will like how the app
works in this regard.  same for the Overview.  I look forward to hearing
your feedback, but please wait until the pool gets going late on Thursday
as I will be pretty busy finishing up the late activations.

Thanks everyone for your understanding and patience in advance!

scottshield13 at gmail.com
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