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Scott Shield scott at scottscottscott.com
Sat Mar 4 11:40:06 EST 2017

Hey All,

The new apps should be ready by Monday and I will send out links for iOS
and Android that will take you to the download and connect you to my pool
as soon as it's ready.

Please forward this email to anyone who is interested in playing.  Entry
fees are 100 per entry and I accept only cash.

In the meantime, I will give you my meetup schedule for next week and
provide the actual set of rules that will be posted in the apps.

*Meetups for week of 3/6:*

For all meetups, I will be wearing a beige colored hat that says Bourbon
St, so look for that.

Monday, March 6 from 9 to 9:15 AM and 12 to 12:15 PM at Brookfield Place
(across from the WTC).  I will be at the top of the escalators coming from
the PATH inside the glass atrium.

Wednesday, March 8 from 9 to 9:15 AM and 12 to 12:15 PM at Sunset Park,
Brooklyn.  I will be outside 241 W. 37th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Aves).

Thursday, March 9 from 9 to 9:15 AM at Brookfield Place (across from the
WTC).  I will be at the top of the escalators coming from the PATH inside
the glass atrium.

Thursday, March 9 from 12 - 1 PM at The Brickyard.  I will be at the bar
located on 9th Avenue just north of 52nd Street in Manhattan.

Thursday, March 9 from 5 - 6 PM at The Tempest Bar.  I will be at the bar
located on 8th Avenue between 30th and 31st Streets in Manhattan.

I will post meeting times for the week of March 13th soon.

I will also be available in the Jericho, Long Island area at certain times
each day, so contact me for that info if interested.

Please have your cash in an envelope along with a sheet of paper that has
your name, email address, phone number, and entry names.

*Sending your Entries by Mail:*
Wrap the fees in your signup sheet (a sheet of paper containing your Name,
Email Address, Phone Number, and Entry Names) and send to:

*Scott Shield*

*471 N Broadway #406*
*Jericho, NY 11753*

Do not use tape or staples.

You can send regular mail if sent before Friday, March 10.  You can use
express services with signature as well.

*Rules of Play:*

Unlike March Madness Bracket pools, March Madness Survivor is a
single-elimination contest. You complete against all other players by
selecting one or two college basketball teams EACH DAY of the March Madness
tournament, as detailed below. If your selected team wins you survive, but
cannot select that team again. On a day requiring two picks, you must win
both to survive. You are eliminated when any team you select loses OR at
the point when you have no teams available to select, because you already
selected all remaining teams in the basketball tournament. The last
surviving player is the winner.


Day 1 (Thursday, March 16):     2 Picks

Day 2 (Friday, March 17):     2 Picks

Day 3 (Saturday, March 18):     1 Pick

Day 4 (Sunday, March 19):     1 Pick

Day 5 (Thursday, March 23):     1 Pick

Day 6 (Friday, March 24):     1 Pick

Day 7 (Saturday, March 25):     1 Pick

Day 8 (Sunday, March 26):     1 Pick

Day 9 (Saturday, April 1):     1 Pick

Day 10 (Monday, April 3):     1 Pick

For those who have played NFL Survivor, March Madness Survivor is nearly
identical. However, the tournament format of March Madness, which
eliminates teams who lose, clearly differs from an NFL regular season
format where teams are not eliminated. From a Survivor game perspective,
this differentiation means you must strategically plan ahead to avoid a
scenario where you survive the current round, but don’t have a team
available to pick the next round. For example, you survive to the Elite 8,
but have already picked all eight remaining teams in previous rounds. At
that point, you would be eliminated.

The ideal strategy is to pick a team you believe will win that round, but
lose the following round. This is specifically pertinent if you reach the
Final Four with multiple teams available. You must pick the team you
believe will win in the Final Four but lose the Championship in order to
retain the team you think will win it all once reaching the Championship


What happens if no player survives on a day when two picks are required?

In this unlikely event, players with 0 winning picks are eliminated and
players with 1 winning pick survive. If only one player has 1 winning pick
while all other players have 0 winning picks, that one player is the
winner. If all players have 0 winning picks, all players survive. In all
instances, any team selected by a player cannot be selected again.

What happens if two or more players survive, but some do not have a team
available to pick the next day?

As stated in the rules above, a player is eliminated at the point when the
player does not have a team available to select (because the player already
selected all teams remaining in the tournament.) Thus, a player who has a
team available to select immediately beats a player who does not have a
team available, regardless of whether the team selected by the player ends
up winning.

What happens if two or more players survive the entire contest?

In this event, all remaining players are equal winners.

This pool does not use point spreads. Wins are determined on a straight-up


Make a selection by tapping the circle button next to the team logo, then
tapping “Confirm Pick.” Your selected team is confirmed once appearing
within the “CONFIRMED PICKS” section at the of the screen within the app.
You will also automatically receive an email listing your confirmed picks.
It is solely your responsibility to confirm your selections have been
accepted by the app.

The deadline to select a team is the scheduled start time for the
respective game. If you do not enter a required selection before the start
of the final game of the day, it counts as a loss and you are eliminated.


You can change your selected team any time before the scheduled start of
the respective game. It is therefore recommended to enter your selections
as early as possible. DO NOT WAIT TIL THE LAST MINUTE.


There are no default or automated picks entered on your behalf. You are
solely responsible for entering your picks. You are all adults (or should
be.) Act accordingly.


Unlimited entries are allowed. You may submit as many as you wish.
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