[Shield Survivor Pools] 2017 Shield NFL Survivor Pool - Getting Ready for the Football Season

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Tue Jul 18 13:40:23 EDT 2017

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a great off-season and are enjoying the summer.  As we
prepare to kick off the new season, I have a major update and some info for

Starting this season my pools will be run on an iOS (iPhone, iPad) and
Android app.  Once it is all ready to go I will be sending out a link that
will both download the app to your device and give you an invite into the
pool (if you already have the app downloaded from the NCAA tournament pool,
then the download step will be skipped).  I expect to send the link around
the end of July, beginning of August.  I think you will love the experience
of the app as it will have some great new features such as real time game
updates and better statistical information.  And many of you will love the
ability to select/change teams right up until their games start.

The scottscottscott.com website will no longer be used and will be shut
down.  It served us well for the past 9 years, but it's time for a new and
improved experience.  The only way you will be able to access the pool will
be through the app.

For you early birds out there, you can begin sending in your entry fees
now, and then once the app is available you can sign up and be ready to
go.  If you choose to do this, send the cash inside a sheet of paper that
has your name, expected entry names, phone number and e-mail address
printed clearly and legibly.  The address is:

471 N Broadway #406
Jericho, NY 11753

Regular mail or any express service is fine.  As always, please do not use
staples or tape anywhere inside the envelope.

I will get back to you all soon when the app is all set up and ready for
you to sign up and play.

scottshield13 at gmail.com
646-734-8673 <%28646%29%20734-8673>
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