[Shield Suicide Pool] Week 9 Pool - Now Open for Registration

Scott Shield scott at scottscottscott.com
Wed Oct 19 15:11:56 EDT 2016

Hi Everyone,

If you are interested in getting into the Week 9 Pool, you can begin
signing up now.  The pool begins in Week 9 (November 3-7).  You can use
your existing accounts to add entries for the Week 9 Pool.  All are welcome
to join; it is a completely separate pool from the prior pools.

*All rules, including the entry fee are the same as the prior pools
EXCEPT:  you will pick 2 teams per week, regardless of how many players are
still alive each week.*

Go to http://www.scottscottscott. com/
<http://www.scottscottscott.com/instructions.jsp> and click instructions to
get started.  Everything you need to know will be in there, including
mailing address, deadlines, how to manage your account and entries, etc.

Feel free to forward this to anyone who is interested in joining.  Please
make sure they know to read the instructions, and that the pool is Cash


scottshield13 at gmail.com
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