[Shield Suicide Pool] Week 9 Pool Information - Please read if you are participating in the Week 9 Pool

Scott Shield scott at scottscottscott.com
Thu Nov 3 09:57:15 EDT 2016

Hi All,

If you are participating in the Week 9 Pool, there is a website issue that
you need to know about.  It's very easy to work around:

*You will not be able to save partial picks in any of the pools if any Week
9 entries are both unselected (remember, you need 2 picks per entry).  If
you want to save partial picks (Thursday's game, for instance), make sure
one pick on every Week 9 entry has a team selected.  If you are unsure who
you want at that time, fill in one Week 9 pick on each entry with a team
playing Monday night and change it later.  This is a website issue and is
easy to work around if you follow these instructions. Thank you!*
The Week 9 Pool starts this weekend.  If you are still interested in
joining, you can express mail your entries to be received no later than
Saturday, or you can meet me in midtown today 12-12:30, or the Tempest Bar
tonight 5-6.  Please refer to the instructions on the website for mailing
and meetup info.

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