[Shield Suicide Pool] Reminder to Get Your Picks In

Scott Shield scottshield13 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 18:11:32 EDT 2014

Hey All,

Please make sure you select your teams for this week.  Remember that teams lock 1 hour before their game time (based on NFL.com schedule).  So you have to pick 1 PM games by noon, 4:05 PM games by 3:05, etc.  You can also wait until Monday for Monday night games.  Once your selection locks it can not be changed.

Make sure you click SAVE after selecting your teams.  You can verify that your selections saved by refreshing your screen and seeing that the teams are still selected.  You will most likely get an e-mail confirmation, but it may go to your spam folder.  Make sure your e-mail address is correct on your account page - that's where the confirmation will go.  But not all domains accept the e-mail, so your best bet is to refresh the pick page and see your teams are still there.

The Overview Page will display all selected teams and totals, but will only show locked games.  If you don't see a team by your Display name, it either didn't save, or the game hasn't locked yet.

If you do not select a team, you will be out, so please don't forget.

Good Luck Everyone!



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