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Scott Shield scottshield13 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 08:25:14 EDT 2014

Good Morning All,

Here's some answers to common questions I've been getting:

1)  Q:  What is the Week 5 Pool?  Can anyone join?  Can I use teams I used
in the first pool?

A:  This is a second pool that starts in Week 5.  It is completely separate
from the Main Pool.  Anyone can join and it starts as new.  It follows the
exact same rules as the Main Pool, including the possibility of double pick
weeks starting Week 11.

2)  Q:  This is on the heels of my e-mails about in-person drop-offs:  Can
we still mail in the entry fees?

A:  Yes.  The e-mail regarding in-person drop-offs is just so I can let
everyone know the schedule.  The mail option is always available.  Please
note that you should not send regular mail any later than the Monday or
Tuesday before the pool starts.  At that point it's safer to overnight the

3)  Q:  What's the address to send payment?

A:  It's in the instructions on the website.  So many of you ask me for my
address which leads me to believe you have not looked at the instructions.
It's important that you go through the instructions if you haven't.

4)  Q:  How can I delete or change Display Names?

A:  You can't.  But before the pool starts you can add new ones and let me
know which one(s) you want activated with your payment.  Once the pool
starts, Display Names can not be changed.

Finally, please try not to call or e-mail asking me to confirm I got your
package just because tracking says it was signed for.  If it was signed for
then I have it and I will e-mail you once I process it.  I will not always
get to it that day, or even the next day depending on my schedule.  The
week leading up to the pool it takes me even longer to process and getting
so many phone calls and e-mails doesn't help me get through the packages.
If it seems like an extraordinary amount of time, then please go ahead and
ask.  Otherwise, please be patient.  Trust me, I will get it and get to it.

Thanks and Best of Luck As Always!

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